DYNO is a youth grassroots organization founded by high school and college students in New Jersey that plans to spread across the nation. Through grassroots organizing, we believe that our combined voices will be heard more clearly by elected officials and candidates for public office. Our main goal is to engage young people to get involved in with changing their communities through youth-driven initiatives. Currently, we are focusing on community building and community service.


  • Our life experiences and certain beliefs may differ, but our visions are one. We see an America that provides the opportunity for all students to attend college, supports hardworking men and women who are struggling to get back on their feet, affords our seniors honorable retirements, and respects our constitutional liberties. This common vision is what unequivocally propels us to join together and fight for change.

    By joining together, we will make our voices heard loud and clear. Through organizing, we will demand that our local representatives and Congress members act upon injustices and create change.

    We would like to invite any interested citizen between the ages of 16 and 30 to join our youth organization and would gladly accept endorsements from other individuals and organizations that share our mission. Please register to receive updates.

    — Simon Li, DYNO Chairman


  • Education
                Reform Forum

    Peter Kenny's Middlesex Campaign

    Fall 2012
    Middlesex County, NJ

    My agenda for the Middlesex county is as follows: help the disabled... Read more »

  • Bergen County Education Reform

    Fall 2012
    Hackensack, NJ

    DYNO is facilitating a revisit to the problems of past and current administrative problems regarding fiscal duties and a violation of teaching ethics.

What else are we trying to change?
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  • Currently, DYNO Politics is working towards ensuring diversity in Bergen County.

    Join our action committee by contacting:
  • Our goals include:
    1. Creating and fostering diversity in public employment and education.
  • 2. Propounding increased transparency in hiring processes.
  • 3. Working for resolution of existing cases and issues.